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 Hm ma n neues Lied... naja ... ^^
 Is halt n geiles Lied ^^ hmmh.... joar... ich glaube das wars auch schon ... außer...
 to be continued ... hehe (;

Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesound
 You know what you want
and that makes you just like me
see, everybody says you're hot, baby ...
but can u make it hot for me?
Say if you're thinking about holding back
don't worry girl
cause im gon make it so easy
So slide a little closer to me little girl
so daddy's only mission is pleased

She's coughed up for me
I've got her in my zone
Her body's whistled for me
I think she's ready to blow
Must be her
future sex, love sound
And when it goes down
baby oh you gotta do this

Just tell me which way u like that
Tell me which way u like that
do u like it like this ?
do u like it like that ?
tell me which way u like that
Tell me which way u like that !

Ok, stop baby
I can't stop you've turned me on
And im in your thoughts baby
So just let em go
Cause all I need is a moment
To give you my tongue
and put you outta control
After let it in, skin to skin
It's just so natural
Wait a second

1.10.06 21:58

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